The Summer Of Yes!

It can be easy to fall prey to saying “no” to life when “no” seems like the more simple option. Yes, can be just the ticket to so many wonderful opportunities in life however. Next time the Universe comes knocking on your door, sit with your answer for a moment before giving it, and see what gifts it has to offer you.

And The Beat Goes On…

Drumming Circle In Trinity Park, Toronto

A casual stroll through the park on a beautiful Spring day, brings New Age Teacher right into the midst of one of the most healing and meditative experiences – a drumming circle. She embraces and celebrates the community that exists around she and her city that day.

Tales of a Trade Show – Part 2

Tales of a Trade Show – Part 2, explores New Age Teacher’s reflections on her second annual Toronto Yoga Show experience. She was taught that mindfulness is expanding all around her and that kids and youth are drawn to meditation like magnets – providing confirmation of its purpose in the world.