The Summer Of Yes!

I just recently returned from a trip to beautiful BC.  It was there, that I was reminded, (again), of just how important it is to stop and to literally “smell the roses.”

It’s nearly impossible not to relax in such a beautiful province, with mountains, the ocean, and a plethora of wildlife all around.  I was quite literally forced by the Universe to slow down, even for just a week, from what has been one busy summer so far.

I had set the intention to take it easy all summer and to give my body a chance to relax, and to find rejuvenation, but the Universe had other plans in store for me.

Life is like that sometimes.  It knows what you can handle and it presents you with opportunities that plunge you forward into further carving out the highest version of yourself – as long as you’re open to the idea of this and choose to say “yes” to what serves you best.

I have said “yes” to so many things this summer.

I said “yes” to the privilege and opportunity to work on a writing team with my school board to create Mental Health resources for other educators.

Did I just want to ease into summer and lounge around instead?  Of course I did.  But, my “yes” brought such fulfillment when I chose to take the plunge.

I was able to bring more beautiful connections into my world with like-minded individuals whom I shared ideas with, and with whom I learned from.  I got to continue working on my craft as a writer, and I was able to serve others through sharing resources that promote well-being.

I was also a “yes” to the mindfulness workshop I ran for kids at a camp.  Did it take time, and planning?  You bet, but again, this “yes” gave me so much to be grateful for.  The hugs and thank-yous from kids at the end of the session, more than made up for the time invested in preparing for that day.

“Yes” also came out of my mouth daily to new phone calls for potential New Age Teacher “talks” and meetings with businesses who were pursuing my product.  Did I have to talk myself out of the nerves that accompanied these new endeavors?  100 percent!  Have I also expanded my business to newer and greater lengths?  YES!

Finally, I gave a big “hell yes” to tomorrow’s opportunity to do my 95-hour teacher training to become certified as a children’s yoga instructor (thanks Young Yoga Masters and Children’s Yoga Books for the nudge) – it’s the perfect marriage with New Age Teacher’s existing platform.

Is my certification course a two-week commitment in the middle of summer?  Yes, but I can only begin to imagine the ways in which it will serve and reward me over and over again down the line.

So, yes, I had planned on taking it easy this summer, but perhaps just the intention was enough to slow down my mind and gain some clarity – this way, I was able to see the opportunities that were coming my way.

I had choice.  There’s always choice.  I chose to say “yes” to me, to New Age Teacher, to those around me and to being my best self (even on the days I had secretly hoped to sleep in and change out of my pajamas at 4 pm 😉 )

When the time was right however, I also said “yes” to a little r n’ r.  Beautiful BC gifted me with the time and space to reflect on these busier times, to collect my thoughts before delving into the second part of this full summer, and to record my gratitude for all that my yesses had brought.

I hope that the next time an opportunity comes your way, you will side-step the immediate “no” if it’s too challenging, you don’t have enough time, you think you can’t afford it, or if you just want to be in your pajamas until 4 every day – sometimes saying “yes,” especially a big “Hell Yes” in these times, is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself, and that you can ever give to the world.

BC - Me Mountaintop (2)


  1. Nicole, I am so excited that you are taking the 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Summer Training in Burlington! I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the “My Amazing Body” module which is the first of the 6 modules. I am also looking forward to sharing your amazing CD with the class! See you tomorrow! Blessings, Janet

  2. The summer of Yes sounds like fun!

    We’re excited that you are taking the kids yoga teacher training. I love saying yes to adult training because the participants, like yourself, bring so many stories and insights from real life, that show just how many ways yoga and mindfulness can help children. We all get to teach and to learn.

    See you soon!

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