What I Wish My Teacher Had Taught Me

What I Wish My Teacher Had Taught Me

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New Age Teacher™ is a forum that examines the shift in current society and the need for our education system to compliment this shift.  Through the lessons and activities that are provided, children and youth can gain an understanding of who they are  and develop the ability to tap into their unique sense of self, purpose and belonging in the world.  The New Age Teacher™ site provides inspirational blogs, lesson plans and warm-up activities; many of which are focused on mindfulness, a subject that is key to success, but is not yet a formal aspect of the curriculum.  The lessons outlined, work to serve children in innovative ways for a lifetime, not just a frame of time.  It is the intent of New Age Teacher™ to assist in promoting mental health and wellness, through fun and inspiring ways, in all homes and classrooms across the globe.

New Age Teacher encourages you to ponder your own life obstacles and personal growth to date and consider these questions:

*Why am I just learning these lessons now?

*Wouldn’t life have been so much easier if only…?

And most importantly…

*Why didn’t they teach me all of this ‘stuff’ at school??

We are experiencing great shifts in the world; yet, our school systems haven’t quite kept up with the need for change too.  Is it enough to just provide students with a foundation of subject matter or do we need to help students gain the tools to deal with and excel in the ‘real world’?  What does this new system look like?

It is a place where we have an understanding that we are all teachers to one another in the school of life.  We learn and grow from one another.  We break down belief systems that are not serving us well, we learn to embrace our gifts and passions, and follow our divine life path; we visualize, create, manifest and gain an understanding that we are all interconnected beings.

Wow, can school really teach you all of this?  New Age Teacher™ knows that it can.

It is not an accident that you have found yourself on this site – whether you’re an aspiring educator, current teacher, close to retirement, a parent, or simply a student in the school of life, you must share a like-minded dream because you are here.

Are you searching for more meaning in your teaching or parenting?

Would you like to create more teachable moments?

Are you looking for ways to share your important message and believe that you have more to offer in your role?

Do you look forward to more and more students returning to you years later to say, ‘thank you’ for being a great teacher, for inspiring me, and for changing my life?

If you said yes to just one of those questions, you are in the right space.

New Age Teacher  invites you to join other like-minded individuals to begin and continue a dialogue.  Be part of a community that helps to implement the much needed shift in our education system and in our world.

New Age Teacher is a form of education that looks outside of the classroom walls and into the doorway of every students’ future.  

It is here that you can learn to teach your children and youth about who they are and how to create life in the exact shape and form they desire.

It’s time to go against the grain, have courage and make change.  It’s time to inspire, create, and help to instill value in our kids’ education.

It’s time to implement… What I Wish My Teacher Had Taught Me™. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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