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We Inspire Hope

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When we teach from our full place of passion, we inspire hope in others, but also in the possibility of the brightest future possible.

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New Age Teacher’s Favourite Things

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Move on over Oprah…New Age Teacher’s here with this year’s list of MUST HAVES! There is no better gift than the gift of wellness for your loved ones. Enjoy perusing the list and have fun spoiling your family and friends with LOVE. Happy Holidays 🙂

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Success Is Not Measured In A’s

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There is so much more to strive for and to celebrate with our children than academic success. If we focus on the true needs of our soul, everything else will follow.

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And The Beat Goes On…

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Drumming Circle In Trinity Park, Toronto

A casual stroll through the park on a beautiful Spring day, brings New Age Teacher right into the midst of one of the most healing and meditative experiences – a drumming circle. She embraces and celebrates the community that exists around she and her city that day.

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Tales of a Trade Show – Part 2

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Tales of a Trade Show – Part 2, explores New Age Teacher’s reflections on her second annual Toronto Yoga Show experience. She was taught that mindfulness is expanding all around her and that kids and youth are drawn to meditation like magnets – providing confirmation of its purpose in the world.

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