International Women’s Day

I am so very blessed to be surrounded by the male figures whom are a part of my life.  My Dad, my Brothers, my Partner in life, and my male friends are what you would call, the true gentlemen of this earth.  They are just that – gentlemen.  They respect women, they inspire with their gifts and their passions, they are protectors, but embrace their individual vulnerabilities too, they support who I am, and inspire me to be the best counterpart in the roles that we play out together.  Thank you to those special men.  You know who you are because you are reading this right now.

It is not common for me to compartmentalize my life into genders.  I believe in equality and I believe that as earthly souls, we each embody the qualities of both the masculine and the feminine. There are times and situations in our lives where our masculine energies come forth much stronger than our feminine energies.  This same concept plays out in reverse.   It is part of our soul’s work to find a way to balance and embody both aspects of our being.  As a result, our connections to both genders on this planet, serve us in ways that develop us and help us to grow.

Today however, I would like to spend some time honouring the special women in my life.  After all, today is International Women’s Day.  That being said, the special women in my life are cherished 365 days of the year – even if it’s not put directly into words on the other 364 days.

For many years I found it much easier to identify with males.  Perhaps it was because I was raised with two brothers whom I was close with, or because I exhibited strong masculine energies myself, or perhaps it was just what my soul was needing for that period of my life.

I struggled with the connections I had with females.

A part of me was desperate to be seen, understood, heard and accepted for the woman that I am.  Today, I make no apologies for who I am.  And those who cherish this about me, have made up my special tribe of female companions.

Why a tribe?

A tribe to me denotes community, kinship, reciprocal exchange, support, and strong ties.

These are definitely the qualities that bind my female companions together today.

Who is a part of my tribe? My Mom, my Best Friend, some Family Members, a mixture of Colleagues and Girlfriends from both past and present.  They are comprised of all ages, shapes, sizes, faiths, beliefs and personal life paths.

What do we have in common then?  Our bond.

My tribe of women are there to stay.  They have restored faith in my ability to connect with other females and with my own divine feminine energy.  I call them Goddesses because that’s what they truly are to me.  Between hectic jobs, changing careers, marriages, children, divorces, ups, downs, distance – they are there through and through.

Goddesses bring to the earth a loving kindness like no other.  They nurture, they empower, they create and they shed their beautiful light on the world.

Goddesses sharing a tribe never compete, and are never afraid to show up as who they truly are.  Instead, they realize the fundamental importance of lifting one another up, making grander successes out of combining ideas, innovations and creativity and being there for each other through thick and thin.

So to my beautiful tribe and all the Goddesses who are a part of it – Happy International Women’s Day.  Thank you for being the gift that you are in my life.  I may have waited a while for you, but you were worth the wait.

To all the women in the world near and far – may you know that you are a part of my tribe too – a tribe that is the sisterhood which embodies all the beautiful women of this earth.  May you be blessed with the light of Goddesses as I have.

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