From Fear to Cheer

New Age Teacher Giving A Spark Talk

Hey friends!  I know it’s been a few weeks since we last connected, but I promise you, there is a good reason for my mini blog vacay!  In I tapped into my vulnerable side and expressed to you, a personal challenge that I had set for myself.  One of New Age Teacher’s ambitions, is to take the work I do and spread it across the world to all open minds of parents, educators and children alike.  In order to do this however…I needed to eliminate one big fear.  The fear of public speaking.

I know, I know, as an educator myself, I speak publicly every single day.  However, my audience tends to be pretty cute, friendly and forgiving faces…they are 9 and 10 after all.  This is not to say that my adult audiences are any less cute, friendly or forgiving, but they do show up for me in a way that seems more intimidating.

So, what did I do to conquer my fear?  I stepped right into it.  In my last blog, I shared how I applied for two public speaking opportunities.  That was the first big step – just simply opening myself up to the possibility of public speaking.

What started as just a possibility, turned quickly into a reality.

Two weeks ago I received an email that said something to the effect of, we are happy to have you a part of our evening of inspiration.  We would like you to attend our event and speak about your spark in education. 

That’s when panic quickly set in.

Dear Universe: I took the big risk of applying…wasn’t that enough for now?

Universe’s response: Nope.  You’re ready for this girl!

And so it was.

It was easy to write about my “spark” in education.  My spark and my passion is to teach educators, parents and students all about mindfulness of course.

This opportunity to speak at an event, an incredible one no less, was also an opportunity for amazing teachable moments in the classroom.  My whole class joined me on the journey – from applying to the event, to working on my talk, to the event itself.

I shared my vulnerability and insecurities with my students throughout the process.  It gave us an opportunity to share each of our fears and to learn together, how to take steps towards facing them.  My students got to see that even adults face fears and need the support of others to conquer them.

My students were my support system for the past few weeks.  They provided me with encouragement, feedback, congratulatory applauses and advice along the way.  (Just know that I imagined the audience as teddy bears and not as individuals only sporting underpants – as per their two suggestions).

Allowing my students to be the ‘teachers’ so to speak, empowered us all.

My students have now seen the gratification in setting a goal, even one outside of  the comfort zone, working towards achieving it and facing the fears attached to it along the way.

Of course, I carried some nerves with me on the evening of my ‘big talk.’ The nerves eventually dissipated as I immersed myself in sharing my passion of mindfulness in the classroom and the incredible transformations I have witnessed as a result.  The outpouring of support and interest in the topic, worked to validate my words and to further confirm New Age Teacher’s place in the world.

So what would New Age Teacher advise you do when you’re terrified to face your fears?  Take a deep mindful breath, meditate on it, visualize the end goal and go for it – you can do it – turn those fears into cheers – like I know you can 🙂

P.S. What’s your SPARK?  (Please share with New Age Teacher)






  1. Nicole, I am so proud of you for facing your fear and coming out victorious on the other side! Your message is so important and needs to be shared. What a gift – by allowing yourself to grow, you are helping others to come to a new understanding about how mindfulness can help them and the children in their lives. You also demonstrated that one of the best ways to conquer fear is to prepare, plan and practice. Well done! Keep up the wonderful focus of spreading the good news about Mindfulness! – Janet 🙂

    1. Janet, what a wonderful support you are and always so wise with your words! Someone gave me some great advice before the ‘big talk.’ That advice was to get out of my own way – that the speech was really not about me. It took me some time to digest that comment, but she was absolutely correct. I couldn’t let fear get in the way of delivering a message that is meant to help the world in a positive way. You have made the same statement yourself in slightly different words. Thanks for the reinforced message and thanks for your AWESOME words 🙂

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