Let It Go…

Let It Go And Watch It Flow

…And it will flow.

Let it go and it will flow will be one of many mantras for the year 2016.

There is so much power and truth to this statement, for when we let something go, it frees up that space to allow for something new, and almost always something better, to fill its place.  If we are unable to empty the stagnant energy from our personal fields however, the space for the ‘new and improved’ will be not be available.

In numerology, 2016 is the Universal Year 9 (to arrive at this number, just add up each individual digit of the year).  It is believed in numerology, that a Universal Year, Personal Year and Life Path Year exist for each of us on the planet.  When we observe the characteristics of each of these numerical patterns and sequences, they can be very telling for the year we will have personally, and collectively as a nation.

The study of number patterns is not an airy fairy way to ‘predict’ our future for the year, rather, it’s a way to look at the type of energy you will entering for that particular time period.  Numerology can give you a sense of what type of year will be ahead – whether it be more of an internal and reflective time, or one of creation and inspiration, as examples.  This is not to say that you won’t go inward, or create in other years, it’s just that those aspects will be heightened for you within particular parts of a cycle.  The cycles may provide you with guidance as to how you can direct your energy, to further your flow, in day to day life.

2016, the Universal Year 9, is said to be one of closures, endings, reaping the benefits of work and intentions from the years that preceded, and one of new beginnings.  Year 9 is the last year in a cycle before entering back into a new 9-year cycle, beginning at the number 1.  So, it makes sense that we have arrived at some endings and with every ending, comes a new beginning.

Year 9 therefore, is a time to tie up lose ends, say goodbye to people, things, and situations that are no longer serving you, celebrate the completion of all that you have manifested to date, and welcome in new beginnings.

Forgiveness will be a theme that plays out as a major role in the year 2016.  When we hold on to something, anything – fear, anger, sadness, attachment, regret, guilt – we are not opening up that space that we need to, in order to allow the new to enter our energetic fields.

This year, grant yourself the gift of giving forgiveness.  You may need to forgive a friend, a parent, a sibling, a colleague, and often most importantly, yourself.  Forgiveness does not mean that the memories are erased.  Forgiveness does not mean that the action or scenario is deemed acceptable by you or others.  Forgiveness simply means that you have reached a point where it is o.k. to let go of the energy binding you to that situation or feeling.  You are in essence, granting the permission to untangle yourself from giving all your power away to fear, anger, sadness, attachment, regret, or guilt, and instead giving your power to love.

Forgiveness and love will open the space for you to receive the new – and you deserve this.  Yes – You – Do!

So in these beginning weeks of 2016, ask yourself the question – what am I holding onto?  Who do I need to forgive?

Then, forgive. 

Let it go and watch as you enter a very new state of flow.

Sending you much love for a glorious and freeing Year 9.

To celebratory endings and beautiful beginnings…

balloons-25737_960_720 P.S. Just the other day, I read the most beautiful analogy about letting go.  I just had to share it as it inspired me to write this blog:

(In reference to trees) “These majestic maples, oaks, and elms seem to have no problem letting go of everything each year.  They are born with the knowledge that new leaves will always grow back once the time is right…”

~Nick Polizzi, Director, The Sacred Science

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