Into The Arms Of Fear

How are you standing in your own way right now?

Really…take a moment, pause, and consider this question.  When you have the answer – get out of the way!

While I know that it doesn’t sound that simple, it really is.

So often in our lives, we stand in our own way of learning, growing, and truly being the best versions of ourselves.

Just recently, the Universe provided me with not one, but, two opportunities to get out of my own way.  And I didn’t just jump, I leaped!

You see, one of the next big steps in the personal evolution of my work, is to bring New Age Teaching to life on a grander scale.  It is time to get my ideas out, heard, used, and implemented, on a larger platform.  I have been hearing this calling for some time, but I am now truly ready to step-up-my-game!

For years, I have felt like I’ve been on this journey of preparation, for what was to come down the line with my work. I have always had (by choice or not), an opportunity to share my words with others through public speaking.  Now that I think of it, this started as early as Grade 7 and 8, when I won the opportunity to take my classroom speeches, in both English and French, to the next level – the gym!

In the gym, I competed with other nervous tweens about The Life Of A Blonde, Being In The Middle, and The Three Doors To The Future.  These three speeches set the stage for future public speaking, where I somehow often ended up as the ‘chosen’ speaker at milestone parties, weddings, and even funerals.

You must be thinking – wow, she’s a pretty seasoned speaker then.  It should be no problem at all for her.  In addition to her multiple speaking opportunities from the past, she also gets up and speaks in front of 30 little audience members each day, in her own classroom.


If you want the honest, vulnerable truth… public speaking terrifies me!! 

So, when the Universe recently presented me with these two unbelievable opportunities to share my craft with the world….I of course went running right in the opposite direction, right?

WRONG again!

In fact, I ran right into the arms of my own fear.

Why would I do the exact thing that scares me the most?  Because I know that this must mean, it is perfect for me.

When we are faced with our greatest fears, we have two choices.  Run towards the fear, or run away from it.  When we run away from our fears, we are essentially remaining stagnant in our own growth potential.  We stay in our comfort zones for fear of failure, loss, and judgement.  However, when we accept these opportunities with open arms, no matter what the outcome, we expand ourselves on an emotional, social, and spiritual level.

So, while my insides were screaming – I’m going to barf if I apply for these two speaking opportunities…the part of my self which most wants to grow and evolve, decided to accept the challenge anyway.

Even if these two opportunities do not transpire, I showed up to them with confidence, and I showed up for myself in the process.  That I would say, is a step forward.

This new commitment to myself also gave me another opportunity to bring learning into the classroom.  During our latest community circle, see: and, my students and I discussed how we might stand in the way of ourselves.  We talked about the word vulnerability (yes, Grade 4’s now comprehend the definition and importance of this word), and we became vulnerable by sharing our fears and how to step towards them.

I think my students were pretty surprised to hear about my fear of public speaking, but it gave them permission to accept their own fears, and it gave them hope to know that they can work towards conquering them, as I shared the story of my own step forward.

So I challenge you again to ask yourself, where are you standing in your own way right now?

Step aside if you can; it may be one of the most important steps you’ll ever take.


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