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♫It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…♫ Well, minus the snow anyway!  All around me there is a buzz that the holiday season has arrived.  The music has changed on my favourite radio stations, the lights glow from decorated houses lining the streets, and inside the school walls…well, let’s just say there’s a certain ‘energy’ in the air 😉

As for me, I am cozied up in my favourite writing spot, looking out the window, surrounded by my own sparkly Christmas lights, tree, and decorations, with the sounds of holiday cheer in the background.  My hot cocoa is keeping me warm as I do one of my most favourite things of the year…make my holiday shopping lists!

In the hustle and bustle of it all, it’s easy for us to forget what the true spirit of the holiday season is:







I LOVE giving gifts.  I love the anticipation of the box being unwrapped, the expression on the receiver’s face, and the way my heart is warmed by bringing a smile to someone else’s face.

Sometimes however, we get stumped for just a moment on how to give the next best gift.

Truly, the best gifts, are ones that come from the heart; those that have the thought and well-being of the receiver in mind.

If you are in search of a unique and creative gift, one that will provide endless joy, benefits, experiences, and eternal happiness, why not give the gift of wellness.

Little bodies (and big ones too) are extra wiggly and excitable at this time of year.  A great way to manage this energy, while having fun too, is to incorporate the gift of Yoga and Mindfulness into daily routines.  Your little ones and older ones too, will love this gift so much, that it will become a part of their New Year’s resolutions to implement every day of 2017.

Please check out New Age Teacher’s Favourite Things – 2016 Edition, for the perfect stocking stuffers and gifts extraordinaire!


Frog Yoga Stickers by Young Yoga Masters Yoga Stickers





Frog Yoga Alphabet Cards by Young Yoga Masters

Yoga Alphabet Cards


The most ADORABLE children’s yoga harem pants made by Yogi Frogz

Yoga Harem Pants


Award winning “What I See I Can Be” book, and Yoga Match cards by Children’s Yoga Books

Yoga Book 1Yoga Match


Zendoway yoga cubes for yoga play, inspirational ideas, and coping strategies

Yoga Zendoway Cubes


I couldn’t forget, New Age Teacher’s very own gift of Meditation.  Meditations For Growing Minds: Guided Sessions For Home and School



Finally, if you are looking for the perfect gift for those “big kids” in your life who are interested in wellness, consider the gift of Children’s Yoga Teacher training – perhaps one module, or if Santa’s feeling really generous this year – the whole course!  See Young Yoga Masters Here:  for the details.


Gifts can also be free!  Consider participating in New Age Teacher’s Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar throughout December.  Or, drop in on a free family yoga class in your community.  Sparkly holiday themed Meditation Jars are also a great way to bring some calm to a busy time of the year (be sure to use red and green sparkles!).  Or, teach your little ones the gift of giving.  Encourage your children to pick out the toy they most want in the store, and then have them gift it to another child.  Most of all, give your loved ones the gift of time together this holiday season.

Spread the joy, spread the love, and savour the season while it lasts.

Much love and happy gifting!

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