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Relationships, both romantic and platonic, can ignite an array of emotions and experiences.  They can bring joy, laughter, growth, playfulness, fun, and stability.  On the contrary, some can cause fear, anxiety, hurt, and regression.

While no one connection is perfect, relationships should bring a means of self-discovery, and assist individuals in unveiling their best selves.

My own personal relationships have always been a great source of spiritual development for me.  I have been on the high end of the roller coaster and many times, at the bottom of steep hills too.  I truly believe however, that we establish subconscious ‘contracts’ with the souls that we come into contact with, throughout the course of our lives.  These relationships serve our own souls to grow to its maximum capacity while here.  Some of these contracts have short expiry dates, while others continue to assist us for many years.

For a long time, I struggled with the completion of some of these ‘contracts’ I had made.  Sometimes I struggled to remain authentic in these connections, or I would reduce myself when I felt guilty about my own progressions.  My relationships would therefore become strained and I would find myself laying blame on others instead of taking responsibility for my own behaviour.  It was these struggles however, that helped me to learn more about who I am, what I value, what I need, and what authentic relationships look and feel like in my reality.

I am so grateful to be able to say today, that I have attracted these authentic relationships into my life.  I have a family with whom I am unbelievably close to and appreciative of; a partner who is supportive and loving and encourages me to be me, and friends that exist on an even playing field with a mutual love and respect for one another – no matter what our differences may be.

The women in my life today, are beauties.  We are real, raw, and there for one another in the happiest and the most challenging of times.

One of these friends is Vanessa.

Vanessa – a soul ‘sista’ indeed.  In fact, the sister I never had.  We met through synchronistic circumstances (of course) (and thanks Mom!) and were connected emotionally and spiritually ever since.  Physically, we are now miles apart, but that hasn’t changed a thing.  You see, Vanessa used to be just a hop, skip and a jump away in Toronto and has now journeyed on to live her dreams in sunny California!  While I may not get to go on silly rendezvous with her every few weeks, our relationship continues to flourish and grow between phone calls (hours long) and our commitment to friendship.

This is one of the present authentic relationships that I spoke of.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be writing the day before I depart on one of the most exciting journeys…Cali-for-nia!  You got it.  I’m going to see my girl Vanessa.  With more thanks to my AMAZING partner Jeff than he can imagine – he has given me the birthday gift of a lifetime (love you ♥).

One of the many reasons that I am excited to reunite with my friend is that she truly feeds my soul.  When we spend time together, we are A) RIDICULOUS  B) attract the most synchronistic and magical experiences  C) can talk about anything…seriously, anything  D) we share a very similar spiritual path and  E) we are transparent and honest in our exchange with one another.  I can honestly say that I have grown through this relationship and continue to grow as we speak.

Thanks Darlin’ for being who you are.  You have inspired me tremendously by following your heart to your new home and exhibiting fearlessness with every exciting and scary step along the way.  You pave the path for so many other souls who wish to be in their purpose.

Vanessa and I know what it’s like to make the difficult decision of letting go of relationships that are no longer serving our highest good.  We support each other in stepping out of our comfort zone and into our hearts’ most elevated intentions.

So, with less than 24 hours and 4,137.5 Km of travel to go…our continued adventure awaits.  I know, that this is one soul contract that won’t be expiring any time soon.  For this…my blog is dedicated to you 🙂

Vanessa and Nicole - Vanessa's Bday

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