Do You Hear What I Hear?

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Everyone just wants to be seen and heard.

I know that I do.

I don’t mean the kind of seen and heard that involves spotlights, cameras and ego based attention; rather, I just mean that I wish to be truly seen and heard for who I am as a fellow human co-existing with others on this planet.

For the past few weeks voice has been a recurring theme in my personal growth and self-development journey.  I found myself attracting circumstances in which I was not feeling met when relating to others.  Conversations seemed to be one-sided, support was going out, but not coming in, and the distractions that I competed with when trying to share my voice, were at an all time high.  I was actually even physically ‘losing’ my voice as you do when you have a cold.  I had to consider why I was manifesting these situations.

Was life trying to mirror to me what I sometimes contribute to a relationship?  Perhaps – it’s always a good reminder to recognize what does not make us feel good, so that we can refrain from projecting those same feelings onto others.

Was life just tipping the scale momentarily knowing that things eventually balance out?  Again, perhaps – sometimes we give more of ourselves in our friendships and relationships knowing that this support will eventually return to us in our own time of need.  If the pendulum does not ever seem to swing back however, it may be a sign that a relationship contract has reached its completion and it’s ok to let go.

These lessons did shine some light.

However, what really came through for me in these reflections, is that life is challenging me to step even further into my power – to be all that I can be and to do this through discovering even more of my voice.

Our voice has power in a variety of ways.  Sometimes stepping into our power simply means quieting our own voice and sending a silent, but strong message to others.  Sometimes our silence is the loudest voice that exists.  It can be the gentle nudge that delivers a message without disempowering the individual on the receiving end.

Other times, it is necessary for us to have the courage to use our voice in a more outward manner.  To express ourselves to others authentically and with honesty and integrity, even when it brings us discomfort or fear, can be equally empowering to us as individuals.

Both inward and outward voices display confidence, as long as they are spoken with integrity.

As I set up my classroom and set my intentions for a new school year, it is my hope to see and hear each of my students in entirety.  

So, to my future class:

Please know that I wish to hear and see each and every one of you as individuals.  If you are not feeling met, I hope that it is in my lessons to you, about how to find and use your voice, that you will relay this message back to me.

I share my voice with you every week when I can.  I have not written for a few weeks now, as I needed time to examine my own inner voice and what it was speaking to me, so that I could again speak to you.  Thank you for always hearing me and seeing me through my words and messages.  I feel so blessed to have you as an audience and as a connected community.

Our voice is meant to be heard; whether it’s to entertain, to deliver news, to educate, to support, or to simply share love with the world.  When your voice is self-discovered and shared, you will be seen in the way that every individual in this world deserves to be.

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P.S. California was simply magical.  Thank you to two of my most important teachers and soulmates, Vanessa and Jeff, for gifting me with such a spiritual and playful journey and helping me to find more of my voice!

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