Whispers from the Universe

When you are in ~ flow ~ with ~ life, the Universe responds by reflecting back messages, guidance, synchronicities and miracles.

When you are not in flow with life, the universe responds by reflecting back messages, guidance, synchronicities and miracles…it just depends if you are hearing, seeing and feeling them this way, or at all.

You see, the Universe is always communicating with us.  We are spoken to through images, phone calls, overheard conversations by strangers, commercials, family members, friends, pages in a book, our own inner voices – you name it.  But, unless we are open, present and aware, these messages get missed until needing to be delivered in a louder, and perhaps less gentle voice.  Our messages begin as whispers from the Universe.

Life wants to support us.  It wants us to succeed, to be healthy, to be happy and to be successful, but we sometimes get in our own way.  We ignore the little tug in our tummy, or the ‘coincidental’ nudge that we play off as just that, sheer coincidence.

We are receiving messages and support throughout our lives on a daily basis.  It is when we are in the flow ~ of ~ life, that we become so easily aware of these messages, it’s as though life is just full of magic!

Messages from the Universe can have the purpose of delivering big, amazing news.  On the other hand, it can be the little nudge that encourages us to take better care of ourselves in order to prevent a much harsher reality.  When we ignore the whispers, the whispers get louder.

Illness is like this.  I will tread lightly as this is a sensitive area for some.  Our health is directly connected to our emotional state.  When our emotional state is compromised, our physical bodies react.  Illness is often rooted in an emotion that is stuck in our body.  Our body essentially becomes ‘dis-eased.’  However, our in-tune bodies often provide us with warning signs.  These may be little colds, a twisted ankle, or chronic discomforts that remind us that we may need to slow down and re-examine our lives.  Sometimes when we neglect to hear these whispers, our bodies react in a more exaggerated manner in order to get our attention.

If we are able to be more in-tune with our bodies and with the Universe and become more at ease, we may be able to help prevent some of our ‘dis-eases’ in life.

If your body is reacting to the mere reading of this blog, perhaps that’s a whisper from the Universe itself; a little wake-up call to pay attention.

But how do we pay attention?  We get present.

Being present allows us to hear all whispers before they become loud, obnoxious voices.

Being present allows us to witness all the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

Being present keeps us from living in the past or worrying about the future.

Being present is then truly a ‘present.’

It is only when we are present that we are in a conscious enough state to really hear and feel the messages of the Universe and of our own bodies and souls.

Finding your own ‘presence’ may be a journey.  For me, it is a daily effort and reminder to self, to remain in the here and now and in the moment.  The Power Of Now, to which Eckhart Tolle speaks of, is a force to be reckoned with.  Being in the Now can be practised through a variety of rituals.

It is pretty clear by now that I am a major advocate for meditation.  Meditation is a practice which brings your mind to the present moment and brings it back repeatedly when it becomes distracted.  I have written, in past posts, that meditation can be in the form of walking, running, eating, singing, dancing, sitting – you name it, just find your niche.

Another great practice for finding presence, is keeping a daily gratitude journal.  This journal brings your focus back to what is going well in your life.  You could also try to keep a little notebook by your side throughout the day and place a checkmark for every negative thought you have.  Keep a tally for a week and see if those checkmarks decrease.  You’ll be amazed at the awareness you bring to your own thoughts and you will become more present in your thought patterns.

You have to find what works for you.  How will you know if you’ve become more present?  You will hear the voices of the Universe more readily.  You will notice the signs all around you and you will respond to the whispers before they become shouts.

Whether or not these whispers from the Universe are a pat on the back or a little yellow light, they are all gifts.  These gifts encourage you to open the ‘present’ of being present so that you can fully embrace and thrive in all aspects of your life.


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  1. I agree with everything you have shared. It works the same with dreams- they will whisper at first, but if we don’t heed the messages, they become much more dramatic to get our attention. I like your check marks ideas for negative thoughts. I great way to bring attention to what is going on in the mind. Thank you, Janet

    1. Yes, you’re so right Janet. Dreams do work in the same way. If you begin to record your dreams, you will also start to see patterns that exist in your life and will be able to use these to your advantage in healing and improving your experiences. The checkmarks are a definite eye opener too!

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