The Class Called Life

Now that we have moved right past The First Day Jitters (see last week’s post) and have also quickly surpassed what we call in teaching, The Honeymoon Stage (where best behaviours and first impressions have been replaced with a general, let’s say, ‘comfort zone’), we have reached the stage of initial connection.

Connections can be made between anything consisting of energy – therefore, between all that exists.

The deepest connections however, can be found amongst living things.  A connection does not necessarily denote positive or negative associations; it just means that there is an exchange of energy between living things, in order to assist in the learning and growth pathways that individuals experience along their journey.

One of the connections we make as we move through our childhood, and into adolescence, is the one that we develop with our teachers.

I can recall a time, (not telling you how long ago;), when receiving my report card was exciting not just for the grades, but for the name of my future teacher listed at the bottom of the last page.  These days, most kids come to the school and find their name on a class list just before the new year begins, or they look it up online.  In any case, it’s a pivotal moment in most individuals’ minds.  It is the moment in which students realize their ‘potential fate’ for the upcoming school year.  To a child or a teenager, this may be forecasted as a bright future, with the ‘coolest’ teacher they’ve heard of and all of their closest friends in the same room.  For others, it may be a more fearful prediction based on past experiences, inaccurate rumours, misconceptions, or simply just the unknown.  Add to it, the possibility of different classmates and students may already be creating a negative platform for the year to come.

Whatever the case may be, it is all good.

I repeat: it – is – all – good.

But how, you may say?

There is a certain law of attraction that exists in the Universe.  We often attract to us, that which we manifest either consciously or subconsciously.  In either case, it has been brought our way in order to achieve a certain lesson, to fill a form of karma, or both.

Whether a student is now in the class of the best teacher they (feel) they have ever had, or the worst teacher they (feel) they have ever had, both are perfect and both are teachers to us.

As we know, in life, we will cross paths with a variety of people of different ages, sizes, backgrounds, abilities and of different character.  Some of these people will be drawn to us like magnets and provide us instant joy and love and some will repel like water and oil and will challenge us in ways that we can’t necessarily foresee.

If in these initial stages of the school year, you notice that your child is struggling to connect on a positive level with his or her teacher, allow some time at first.  Like all new connections, there is a period of adjustment.  Individuals are sourcing out what works and what doesn’t work and this may take a few tries for both parties to gain an understanding of the other.  Children, as are teenagers, are also extremely resilient individuals.  Once they have adjusted to a new situation, they can really soar.

If what appears to be a negative situation, persists throughout the year, try to talk to your children about the importance of having both (what we deem) ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ experiences.  Allow your child to understand how these experiences help to shape our character, make us stronger, further develop our voices, mirror a possible trait or tendency within us that requires work, and ultimately fosters our growth to forgive and to further contribute to the love that is so needed on this planet.

The same applies to parents.  Children may be placed in a particular class by the Universe in order to fulfill a personal lesson, or to assist the parent in learning something about their own child.

The above certainly applies to teachers as well.  Educators are blessed with a new group of students each year and each year get to be as much of a student in the class of life, as their class is.

Of course parents and students require discernment in order to protect their safety, well-being and innocence.  If something goes beyond the scope of a healthy personal lesson, this would be a time for parental involvement.  Otherwise, use this new school year as an opportunity.  Choose your reactions and choose what you wish to take from the encounters that occur.  Once you and your children begin making these choices, you will undoubtedly see the positive shifts that occur and you and your child’s experience with education will be that much more impactful and meaningful.

Teachers, the same goes for you!  In a class of 30, it is reasonable to assume that you will have a variety of different personalities.  Some will be easeful and some will challenge you in particular ways.  You too are encouraged to take these experiences as a gift to grow not only as an educator, but perhaps as a parent, a coach or any given role that you happen to play.

School is a wonderful place to learn.  You learn math, language, science, technology, history, geography, health and physical education, the arts, and most of all, you learn about you.

New Age Teacher ® wishes all students, parents and educators a wonderful year of learning and growing together.   Apple with heart bite2

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