Whatever happens is for the best


newageteacher.com - Dealing With Loss[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very day, children amaze me more and more.  I think it’s safe to say that my students are ‘over’ seeing me well up and better yet, downright cry this year!  The thing is, the more I seem to open up with them and share the secrets of the universe the more I am reminded that these children are meant to have open eyes and ears to it all.  It is true what is said – children are like sponges.  They soak up every inch of what you are saying and absorb it faster than any PHD student could ever in their whole doctorate career.  It is just so simple for kids to be open, to sink their teeth into the prospect of a new way of thinking; whereas, adults have become so bogged down with their ingrained belief systems that this innate power, at times, is dismissed.

Once again, a student in my own class has demonstrated the power and the greatness that New Age Teaching is having on her and I am reminded of why I created this site.

Priya is what I call a Ray – Of – Sunshine!  Her smile beams at each of us and lights up the classroom.  She is curious, friendly, witty, and silly like most other children her age.  It is because of her beautiful nature that I instantly know when something is not quite right.

Throughout the year, Priya has documented her experiences with having pet birds through conversations with me at recess and any time in between.  Her birds are a source of joy, beauty, and innocence – this is so evident in the way that she speaks of her birds soaring through the house with colourful wings.  She speaks as well of their intelligence and wit.

On this particular day of ‘something not being quite right,’ Priya found her moment to confide in me.  The tears welled in her eyes this time, a change from the ordinary, and she told me that her bird was quite ill.  He was not soaring through the sky as he once had.  In this sadness however, Priya showed her true lighted nature.  She said to me, ‘You know what’s helping me Ms. Vetere?  It’s our morning meditation and learning about visualization.  You see, every morning when we meditate, I visualize my pet bird getting better, healing, and feeling at peace.”

Well now of course the tears began to well up once again for me.  It was so touching to hear of this student, in her moment of darkness, reach for that place of light because of something she had learned in the classroom.

I was struck with panic for a moment however.  I thought to myself, what if she does all of this visualizing and her bird doesn’t make it?  Despite all of my experience with visualization and manifestation, the thought of this really worried me.  Would I lose all credibility in what I was trying to teach this student?  Would she continue to believe in the power of her mind?

These worries were very soon to be challenged in reality.

A few days later, Priya came to me once again.  This time, her tears had doubled and a cloud had set over her space.  Priya informed me that her bird had indeed passed on.  She had given him a small funeral and buried him in her backyard.  My heart ached for her as I knew this was one of her first experiences with death and she had worked so hard on willing him back to good health.

Crap, crap crap!  Those were the intelligent New Age Teacher words repeating in my head.  What was I going to say to this little girl in order to redeem the situation?


I provided her with some comfort and froze beyond that.

Don’t worry – this is not the end of my story.

Priya returned to me again later that day, increasingly upset about her situation.  She told me that her Mom said that every living thing has more than one opportunity.  This sparked my own opportunity.

It was at this time, that I was struck with a new way to handle the situation.  So I said to Priya, “What exactly did you visualize during your meditations Priya?”  To which she answered, between sniffles, “I saw my bird healthy, healed, and feeling peaceful.”  To which I said, “And did it work?”

Priya paused and some of that sunshine I was so used to seeing within her, reappeared.  Her eyes began to widen and it was evident that the wheels had begun to turn.

As these words unfolded into discovery, Priya and I discussed that she was indeed way more powerful than she had ever thought.  Because she had in fact, helped to heal her bird and give him peace.  This was a powerful lesson in the magic of manifesting.  You see, I had momentarily forgotten my own learning and my own teaching about intentions.  When you visualize something that you wish to create, the universe always responds.  It may not appear exactly as you thought it would, with the how or the when, but you are certainly given what you asked for.  Priya made this exact connection on her own.

Priya gave her bird a beautiful gift and herself a gift in return.  Her bird now healed, exists somewhere in peace – probably having that new opportunity her Mom spoke of.  As for Priya, she will forever know that whatever she asks for and sees in her mind, she will receive.

Priya finished our talk that day by saying that she had learned that, “Whatever happens, is for the best.”  While I may not have learned that lesson at the ripe age of 9 like Priya, she certainly became my teacher today.

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  1. I agree. Everything happens for the best! It is so true what you wrote in this article.
    The more we let children seek and be free in finding what the universe has in store for them. The more they are in tune with themselves and their surroundings.
    I love how you teach and guide these children to explore the extraordinary gifts they have in them.

    What you do is very special!

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