Walk The Line

A very friendly fall hello to my faithful readers 😉  It’s been a few weeks since we last connected and I wanted to say “hi” and to let you know what has been going on with New Age Teacher® as of late.

I have been called upon by the Universe to step into the next version of myself and into the next phase of sharing my gifts with the world.  This is of course, not intended to sound arrogant, as we are all born with our own unique gifts and abilities that we MUST share with the world in order for our souls to feel fully aligned and alive with vitality.

My own personal journey of self-discovery and exploration has not been a straight line whatsoever, and at times, it has felt like a very sloooow, curvy one!  However, when I check in with myself, I know that it is all in perfect, and divine timing.

As New Age Teacher® continues to evolve and advance (thanks to all of you!), I am presented with new opportunities; ones that I never saw “my line” traveling towards.

For some time now, other educators and parents have been asking me to step into a role in which I ‘teach the teacher.’

If I’m going to be honest with myself, I haven’t yet stepped into this role because when I have checked in with myself, I have been faced with fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of judgement.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the inability to perform at the level that I expect of myself.

But when I check back in again, and ask where this fear is arising from, I realize that my fear is founded in nothing.  Fear is a creation of the mind. Fear depletes our ability to create.  When my conscious mind becomes aware of this, I am then faced with a new reflection that says:

You can do it!

This is your next phase of spreading your important message with the world.

You’ve been called on for a reason.

You are right on your path.

Keep following that line!

So, here I am, on my line, going in the direction that it is taking me.

Where has New Age Teacher® been lately?

I recently finished a wonderful and enriching weekend celebrating the birth of the Toronto Yoga and Wellness Show, where I had the chance to share Meditations For Growing Minds, as well as my affirmation kits, and Meditation Jars with other eager, expanding minds. I connected with a multitude of like-minded souls, sharing in our passions, dreams and visions, and manifesting new ones together.  Meditations For Growing Minds also made its way into another metaphysical store, adding to the growing list of yoga studios and unique markets.

Now that the boxes are packed away from another great show…I am facing my fears head on.

Last year, when I faced my largest fear to date…a huge public speaking night for colleagues in my board (if you have been reading for a while, you’ll remember all about this Spark Talk, if not go here: http://www.newageteacher.com/into-the-arms-of-fear/ or here: http://www.newageteacher.com/from-fear-to-cheer/; apparently I was able to leave an imprint on some individuals in the audience.

You see, taking a leap of faith, working through my fear of giving a talk to a large crowd, and believing in myself, has opened the space for another exciting opportunity this year.  The line between last year and this year may be 365 days long…but, again, it is in perfect and divine timing.

In just a few short weeks, I will be providing a few professional development sessions for teachers new to the profession in my board, during a wellness night.

I GET to teach other teachers about how to implement mindfulness in their classrooms!  Yippee!  (Silent cheering happening behind the screen right now)  😉

Does this scare me?


But does it also excite me?


For over a decade, I have been practising mindfulness in the classroom and witnessing the profound effects it has had on the students, the families of those students, and on me.  Why wouldn’t I want to share the love?

The thing is, I have been practising this way of teaching for years, mostly in silence, in isolation, with the door closed, and with the fear of persecution by administration, families, and other teachers – even though the impacts were indisputable.  It’s just that mindfulness was not a buzz word.

Meditation was seen as something derived from religion.  Affirmations were for people who liked to talk to themselves, and Yoga…well that was for the granola folks eating pie in the sky 😉  (I obviously don’t believe any of these statements to be true).

All that is changing however.

I hear the new buzz words at conferences; I see pictures of kids meditating in classes on social media platforms, and I read about schools making the transition into more mindful environments plastered throughout the news.

So fear – you are going to have move over because I-am-needed.  I am needed to spread my message and to teach the teachers.

I am being challenged to alter my mindset right now and to take something that comes innately to me, and to put it into a framework that also makes sense to others.  Slowly the process is arriving in my mind.

The line is not straight, but at least I am walking the line.

Whatever direction it may turn, be sure to walk your line too…it will inevitably lead you to where you need to go.



    1. Dear Sia, what an amazing surprise to see a message from you 🙂 You are so missed at our school as well. I am absolutely thrilled to hear that you love meditating and that you have kept it up on your own. I know that you will do wonderful things in your life for years to come. So nice to hear from you!!

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