The Proof Is In The Pudding

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“The Proof Is In The Pudding – You can only say something is a success after it has been tried out or used” (Wiktionary).

I have tried the pudding and it tastes great!  I know that it is pretty obvious by now how much I really believe in the benefits of mindfulness.  I could spend this time recounting my own experiences from throughout the years; the synchronicities, the manifestations of wonderful desires, the increase of intuition, or the creation of a more relaxed state…but, we are all here to learn about how we can influence children and youth to share these same experiences.

This week I had the distinct pleasure of receiving the most wonderful gift.  This gift involved a former student tasting the pudding!  As an educator, your days are spent with the intent of hopefully inspiring children and leaving them with a lasting imprint.  You teach to the best of your ability, impart your wisdom, and share your passion.  Then, you let go.  Eventually, your school year comes to an end and you receive your next group with those same intentions, hopes and dreams.

It is always appreciated when you receive positive feedback at the time of your teachings.  You see responses in your students’ and parents’ faces, or receive a little note at the end of the year.  However, when time passes and you hear that your work has transcended the test of time, now that is a gift.  This was my gift this week.

I couldn’t be more grateful for a colleague to have shared with me, a story of one of my former students.  This student, at the time, was in Grade 4.  She maintained a tough exterior but I could tell, was soft and open on the inside.  When she wrote a speech that year, about the effect our classroom mindfulness practices had had on her, I remember being moved beyond belief.  I know this stuff works – but she was a confirmation about just how much it works for kids too.

Five years later, my colleague shares with me that this student has continued to make these mindful practices a part of her daily life.  In fact, it is these practices that have helped her through some of the most challenging times.  This brought me to tears.  You see, it’s these stories that make teaching meaningful.  To know that what you have taught has not just impacted that student in the moment, or for that year alone, but for their whole journey to come, is indescribable.

So there you have it.  The proof is in the pudding.  Go on and taste for yourself.


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