The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It seems like just yesterday we were practising our gratitude and celebrating Thanksgiving (for our American friends, this seems an even closer reality!).  However, as it does annually, the most magical time of the year has crept up on us in an instant.  All around us are reminders of this magic through the sights of beautiful lights, bustling streets, crowded malls, holiday music on the radio, tastes of yummy delights and a different energy in the air – an energy that sings of busy, but joyful times.

Today is December 1st.

25 days and counting.

For some, this may mean that shopping is a far and distant idea and for others, a feeling of stress if they have barely made a dent in their purchases (or have made a big dent in their wallets ;))

One of the most common questions that are asked around Christmas, on birthdays, for Anniversaries, or around any other special occasion where gifts are purchased is….

what do I buy the person who has everything?

I think many of us have asked this question at some point in relation to someone we know.

We may be the most creative gift giver there is, but when someone has it all, it can really pose a challenge.

I like this challenge however – this challenge pushes me to find my most inner creative self and bring forth a gift from a place of true love and thoughtfulness.

My partner and I have three beautiful nephews whom we love to spoil.  While they certainly don’t fall into that category of having it all, they are blessed to have what they do, and sometimes we feel that more ‘stuff,’ just doesn’t attach as much meaning as we hope for it to.

As a result, we have relished in the joys of giving our nephews experiences!!

Experiences mean that we get to spend extra quality time together, do something fun and new that perhaps we haven’t done before, learn more about each other and about ourselves in the process, and cherish a memory, instead of a thing.

An experience doesn’t mean that our loved ones wake up to an empty tree, or that they unwrap a box with nothing inside (that would be a mean trick).  Instead, we get to access our creative side some more.  We find cool and interesting ways to package our ‘experiential gift’ and watch with anticipation as we feel the love and appreciation surge through the room.

So, when you’re walking aimlessly through the malls on December 24th this year, soaking in the energies of all the other stressed out individuals who have 24 hours left to find the ‘perfect gift,’ asking yourself what on earth you will buy for the person who has it all…stop walking, take a deep breath, reflect on your loved one, tap into what you know your loved one is most passionate about, and create an experience that will be cherished for years to come.

You won’t regret it and neither will your loved one.

Speaking of creative, thoughtful, loving experiences…why not give the gift that keeps on giving?!


Meditation is a single gift, but will continue to pamper your loved ones for years to come.  You see, once someone has been given the gift of meditation, there’s no turning back.

~The happy gene gets ignited.

~The serenity sets in.

~The creativity soars.

~And, life-is-good.

This gift will serve an individual through homework, bedtime, school, play-off games, stage fright, first dates, stressful times, happy times and throughout the remainder of that person’s life.

Now that’s a gift worth giving.

So, if you’re looking for an original stocking stuffer, or Santa has taken all of Mom and Dad’s ‘good ideas,’ or Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, or family friends don’t know what to buy your child…you can say you have the perfect gift; a one-of-a-kind gift that surely no one else has already thought of.

Meditation is a gift that is in fact an experience; a daily experience that leads to a happy, peaceful and abundant life-long experience.

A gift that keeps giving.

If you would like to give the gift that keeps giving this holiday season, an experience for a lifetime – check out New Age Teacher’s Meditations For Growing Minds®

Completing your Christmas list is just one click away.

Happy shopping and enjoy all the magic this season brings 🙂

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