Spreading Like Wildfire


I’m sure many of you have heard the term spreading like wildfire…that is what these messages are like.  Once learned, understood, and experienced in their greatness, they spread like wildfire, especially from the mouths of kids!  I continue to be amazed on a daily basis of how much of what I’m teaching is really sinking in and resonating on both conscious and subconscious levels.  They are such wonderful validations for the necessity of this type of learning.  I had another one of these delightful (and humorous) surprises just the other day!

The students were just coming in from recess, when a few of them inadvertently overheard another teacher’s words.  He may or may not have been having a difficult day but it was the way that he expressed himself that was noted by my students.   They came into the classroom and expressed passionately: “Ms. Vetere, we think Mr. Smith (name has been changed for obvious reasons), really needs a positivity tutor.”  “A what?” asks Ms. Vetere.  “A positivity tutor!!  And we think it should be YOU!!”  I tried to muffle my giggle upon the realization of just how serious they were.  Although I teach about the power of being positive, I have never used the term ‘positivity tutor’ – I love the way kids take what they learn and adapt it to bring brilliant meaning to their own situations 🙂

First off, I would like to comment on the adorable and innocent nature of kids and their unhesitant approach to express their opinions.  Secondly, they spoil and feed my ego entirely too much!  I appreciate that they feel I would be fit for the job of ‘positivity tutor’ and realize that they graciously forgive me for my less than perfect days when the troubles of the world get the best of me…because trust me, they do!  One thing that I want to be clear of through these blogs is that I am also on this journey of self-development.  Although I teach all of these concepts to my students, they get to see that I too am human.  I sometimes fall and forget momentarily to practice what I preach but I do remember to get right back into the game of embodying the behaviour that I wish for my students to adopt.

I am again reminded that what I am saying or modeling to the students is NOT just going in one ear and out the other.  They are really beginning to apply these principles and to take it upon themselves to spread the word to others.  If they are doing this at school, I can only imagine where else they are sharing their knowledge.  If even just a few students from one class, go home and teach their families how to live their best life, we have already increased the positive influence in the world.  Now think of the impact if more classes were learning such principles?!

Luckily, ‘Mr. Smith,’ has a good sense of humour and can take the feedback…even if it is from individuals half his size.  I was able to share with him what my students had said and in addition to getting a good laugh for the day, he was able to recognize how powerful his words and actions are.  This newfound awareness just might be the trigger for a different action or outcome next time – his awareness changed as a result of these students!!  Wow!

Messages spread like wildfire.  Wouldn’t our world be such a better place if we just lit a flame to the positive ones?

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