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In some way, shape or form, you have landed here on this site.  Perhaps it’s because you were surfing the net and one link led to another, someone gently guided you in this direction, or maybe you were just trying to look up tasty apples with yin yang imprints… 😉 – it’s possible that divine intervention was even at play.  Whatever it was that led you here, I am happy that you have arrived.  Like your journey to this site, the place on your path likely varies from one reader to the next.  You may be well versed in the world of mindfulness, a mindfulness practitioner, a curious parent or an educator looking to expand the practices within your classroom.  Again, wherever you may be and whoever you are, I am glad you are here.  If you are still reading, it tells me that your interest has been piqued in regards to mindfulness and perhaps its connection to children and youth.

It’s so exciting to see the many changes occurring within the Education System these days.  The much needed shifts in our boards and in our schools, to meet the needs of a new generation of unique individuals and of a shifting consciousness, are beginning to unfold.  It seems like everywhere I look, I notice another pamphlet, posting, or course about mindfulness and not just for adults anymore, but for kids too.  This is WONDERFUL…if we are well equipped and prepared however.

In my last post in May, I shared some information about a non-for-profit organization that I am very proud to be a part of.  “Discover Mindfulness” is paving the way for mindfulness in Education and is striving to bring it forth at a Ministry level.  When we meet, we have the opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life.  There are teachers, guidance councillors, parents, students, coaches and just simply put – passionate people!

A theme that has arisen at more than one meeting is the idea of self-care.  Have you ever asked yourself if you have a self-care regime, or, if you did, what it would be?  I have.  My list may differ from yours as we are all unique individuals, but there are likely some common themes between ours.

For me, self-care means that I consciously and purposely carve out time to take care of myself.  Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it?  It may sound simple but sounding and doing are two completely different things.

My self-care involves daily rituals that allow me to sit in quiet; this may be through my meditation, or writing (New Age Teacher J) or even taking a warm bath.  My self-care might even look like a warm cup of tea with a good book, or adding entries to my gratitude journal.  Some days, my self-care involves being active through dance or weight training, or another creative pursuit.  I have come to recognize that I am my healthiest in mind, body and spirit, when I take that time for self-care.

If while you’re reading this, your mind is saying, ‘but I am just too busy for…’ then be certain that self-care is just what you need.

Earlier, I mentioned how wonderful it is that we are bringing our mindfulness practices to this younger generation; but, that came with a warning of preparedness.  The warning is this: KIDS THRIVE ON AUTHENTICITY.  To model mindfulness, you must practice mindfulness.  To entice kids to practice self-care, you must practice self-care.  It’s as simple as that.  Like any subject that is taught to children, when passion is lacking behind the lesson, its impact is certain to be reduced.  Please know that your students, your team members, or your very own kids will embrace mindfulness when you do.

What are you doing right this minute…shut down the computer (until the next time you visit me) and go take care of you!  Your best you, is creating our best kids.

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