Meditations For Growing Minds: Guided Sessions For Home and School

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New Age Teacher’s™ first CD was a true labour of love.  The creator herself, is an avid meditator and believer in its benefits.  She wishes her own teachers had taught her how to take the time and space she needed to relax, clear her mind and create space for success. Meditations For Growing Minds: Sessions For Home and School, has changed the lives of many individuals to date and hopefully many more to come.

What are the benefits of meditation for children and youth?

Over time, meditation re-wires the brain and:

REDUCES: Physical Suffering (i.e., Insomnia, Restlessness, Hyperactivity, Aggression) and Emotional Suffering/Mental Health Concerns (i.e., Anxiety, Depression, Stress)

IMPROVES: Attention, Clarity, Memory, Academic Performance, Cognitive Abilities

FOSTERS: Positive Relationships, Effective Coping Strategies

PROMOTES: Self-Regulation, Kindness

DEVELOPS: Empathy, Compassion, Creativity, Resilience, Happiness, Peace


“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVES your CD.  She puts it on first thing in the morning while she is getting ready for school (she is 7 years old).  She has also started playing it when she is feeling overwhelmed, or if she and I are not seeing eye-to-eye and it seems to get us both back to our centre.  Thank you again…. I wish you the best of luck to get this CD in as many hands as possible.  I believe it is a HUGE necessity for our children today.  Thank you a million times over 🙂

Many thanks,


(Aspasia Wright, Owner of Embrace Yourself Studio, Campbellville ON.)


“The feedback was amazing…My favourite comments were: “My heart feels bigger” (Kindergarten student) and “I am protected by my white light!” (Grade 3)

Your CD is fantastic!”

(Susan Roberts, Teacher Librarian, Brampton ON.)


“I love meditation because it helps a lot with my art.  Whenever I meditate, I get so much more creative and my mind focuses on my art.”

(Gurshan, Grade 4 Student)


“Ever since I started meditating, I’ve always felt relaxed and my mind would clear out and it would be as clean as water.  I’ve found out that if you have a busy mind, you’re just stressed out and meditating would clear that up!  Meditating is peace.”

(Saneha, Grade 4 Student)


“I use the Meditations For Growing Minds CD with my grandchildren.  My little yogis love sitting in meditation just before bedtime.  It is very comforting and tranquil for them.  They are 6 and 3 years old.  The CD has a quiet, calming effect.  They listen intently to the CD and actually act out the actions – they really enjoy it.  They listen to the words and love to ‘act out’ the messages they hear. They literally write imaginary letters in the sand, hold the bubble gently and put their arms out as the bubble gets bigger.  They imagine making snow angels in the Winter Wonderland and my little yogis insist they can really “see” the rainbow. The voice is very soothing and gentle to listen to.  The CD is clear and thoughtful. The CD is helping my grandchildren develop creativity and it enables them to enrich the power of their imagination.  It helps them develop inner silence and calmness.  It is a very peaceful and serence time of the evening that they look forward to.  Thanks!”

(Jake, 6, Leah, 3 – on behalf of Heidi, Grandma and retired educator)


Do you wish your teacher had taught you to meditate?  Please let New Age Teacher know!

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