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Hello to all my faithful followers and to all who are new to this site. It has been some time since I last wrote as I have been working away on a related New Age Teacher project. My project is in its final stages and I am very excited to unveil it soon!

I felt inspired to write today after attending a community meeting yesterday which holds so much promise and hope for the future of our Education System. As you know, I am extremely passionate about bringing mindfulness into the lives of all children and youth to enable them to learn what I wish my teacher had taught me! These hopes are becoming a reality with the help of many like-minded individuals who share this vision for a more mindful world.

What I learned most yesterday is that I am not alone. There are wonderful teachers, administrators, parents, social workers, coaches, and individuals from all walks of life sharing this intention for a more mindful world. I had the opportunity to connect with a sample of these individuals and hear of all the wonderful programs they are developing and implementing in the Education System right now. It is understood that knowledge is power, so where better to start the teaching practices of mindfulness than in our very own classrooms.

We all know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” This village, I now understand, is expanding. The more we share our ideas, and pool our resources, experiences, and vision for change, the greater the chance for seeing these transformations. For so long now it seems, our society has been driven by individual gain and success; we are being guided back to a time where society was built upon community. In the past, individuals contributed their personal gifts and strengths knowing that it would assist others and that they would receive what was needed in return. Competition has in many ways, clouded community.

I have hope that community is making its return however. I felt very part of a community yesterday. Discover Mindfulness is a “non-profit organization helping to create communities, tools, and awareness to bring mindfulness and mental wellness to Canadian schools.” The individuals responsible for the development of this organization have created incredible groundwork for what promises to be a radically positive shift in Education. Since its inception, a community of individuals have begun to form in order to support and further develop this process. It is the hope of Discover Mindfulness to bring about change for mindfulness in Education at a ministry level in Canada.

I urge you to visit the Discover Mindfulness website. As a supporter of New Age Teacher, I am confident that you will share in my same excitement for this community of people coming together to create great change.

As you continue to feel inspired to implement mindfulness into your own lives and into the lives that you influence, please remember that community is key.

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