A Complaint Free World

on February 26, 2012 with 21 and 2 in category Classroom Programs

It Only Begins In The Classroom – Character Education For Life   Are you a complainer?  *Do you gossip? *Do you say things like “I wish it wasn’t so dark and dreary out today?” *Do you ever say, “I am SO tired?”  If you can say yes to even one of these, then, like many […]

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As Unique As A Snowflake!

on February 26, 2012 with 2 and 0 in category Warm Ups

This easy activity is a wonderful way to celebrate each person’s uniqueness and individuality.  So often, children attempt to blend or fit in with what is perceived as ‘the way.’  However, by conforming to others’ ways, kids forget about their own.  It is incredibly important for kids to learn what they are uniquely passionate about, [...]

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You In 6 Words

on February 23, 2012 with 3 and 0 in category Warm Ups

This Warm-Up Activity is to the credit of the infamous Oprah Winfrey.  An activity aimed at adults but no less effective for children and youth.  In her February 2012 issue of “O Magazine,” she focused on living your best life through expressing yourself.  One of the challenges was to create your own personal memoir, crafting […]

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Affirmations Really In Action

on February 20, 2012 with 22 and 0 in category Blog

In perusing the Lesson Plans section of this site, you will see a lesson entitled “I Think, I Am” – Affirm That and a Warm-up activity called “Affirmations In Action, where students are taught a series of activities about the powerful use of affirmations in daily life.  Many of us know that by simply replacing […]

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Life Is Like A Bucket Of Golf Balls

on January 29, 2012 with 88 and 0 in category Warm Ups

**Note** I am unable to take credit for this warm-up activity; however, it is a great one to perform in the classroom (modified to suit the age of course).  This idea has been circulating the internet for some time and would be an AMAZING introductory activity for the lesson plan, “How Full Is YOUR Bucket?”  [...]

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How Full Is YOUR Bucket?

on January 22, 2012 with 57 and 0 in category Lesson Plans

A Lesson On How To Keep Your Emotional Bucket FULL What They Think… Students love participating in the ‘bucket’ activity because they have a tangible way of tracking their personal success and achievement with character building, while also gaining a gentle reminder of where they could make alterations in their lives.  They can engage in [...]

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Gratitude Breaks

on January 22, 2012 with 0 and 0 in category Warm Ups

As learned in the lesson plan, An Attitude For Gratitude (see Lesson Plans section), practicing how to be grateful can serve individuals in a variety of ways – from releasing stress and feeling good in the moment, to opening the doors to more and more good to manifest in your life.  Gratitude in general can […]

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My Green School Dream – John Hardy

on November 9, 2011 with 0 and 0 in category Videos

Join John Hardy on a tour of the Green School, his off-the-grid school in Bali that teaches kids how to build, garden, create (and get into college). The centerpiece of campus is the spiraling Heart of School, perhaps the world’s largest freestanding bamboo building. Jewelry designer John Hardy co-founded the extraordinary Green School in Bali, where kids get a holistic and green education.

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Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson

on November 9, 2011 with 2 and 0 in category Videos

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity

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Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

on November 9, 2011 with 0 and 1 in category Videos

Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life.

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