Affirmations In Action!


Positive affirmations in the classroomPlease refer to the “I Think, I Am” – Affirm That! lesson plan for details on how to begin teaching about affirmations.  This is a quick extension that can be used in the classroom daily, throughout the year.

Every time a negative word or phrase is spoken in the classroom by a teacher or student, encourage a moment of reflection and have that individual (including yourself) turn the negative affirmation into a positive affirmation.  Once this has been achieved, add it to the window with a dry erase marker.  Every time you and your class look out the window, your mind will be inundated with positive thoughts!  The students love seeing their own handwriting on the windows and it motivates them to become increasingly aware of their thoughts and words.  Have fun affirming all the good in your lives  🙂

Positive affirmations in the classroom    Positive affirmations in the classroom




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