A Box Of Treasures


This is a fun and simple activity for any individual.  I participated in something similar when I was enrolled in a self-development class.

Every person participating requires a small box or container of their choice. It could be store bought, designed and created by the person, or received as a gift.

If this is a classroom situation, the teacher could purchase simple wooden boxes from the Dollar Store and incorporate this activity into an art lesson.

Simply explain to the students that any time they notice something that has made them light up inside or has made them feel good (a compliment, a shared experience or special moment, a kind gesture etc.), jot it down on a little piece of paper and put it inside their sacred treasure box.

**I filled my own box with small pieces of fancy paper that was pretty to look at and just waiting to be written on!**

Pull out one, two, three, or…ALL of the little notes in the sacred treasure box any time you please. Pull them out when you’re down; pull them out when you’re not seeing the best in yourself because you will be reminded that even when you don’t see the best, others do. Or, pull them out when you are feeling on top of the world because that world will expand even further.

This activity WILL make you smile 🙂

I can attest to this as I still use my own today!

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