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Affirmations In Action!

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Please refer to the “I Think, I Am” – Affirm That! lesson plan for details on how to begin teaching about affirmations.  This is a quick extension that can be used in the classroom daily, throughout the year. Every time a negative word or phrase is spoken in the classroom by a teacher or student, […]

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Fortune Cookie Fun!

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As part of Asian Heritage month, we celebrate our learning with a traditional Chinese tradition – fortune cookies!  The students have so much fun opening their cookie to find good wishes for their path inside.  My students learned that when picking an item like this, there is no such thing as choosing the wrong one.  [...]

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Dr. Emoto’s water experiment

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Ice Crystals - New Age Teacher

Dr. Masaru Emoto projected different types of thoughts onto glasses of water, froze them, and examined the resulting water crystals under a microscope. What he found was that water crystals infused with higher vibrational thoughts like “love” or “joy” formed beautiful patterns, while those with negative thoughts like “hate” or “anger” were rough, opaque, and […]

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